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de Laar

de Laar

De Laar is the first site built as part of a series of websites for a company by the same name.

The finished de Laar site deviated quite a long way from the original designs. As with all of the projects in this series the client was very specific about what colours I was allowed to use and where I had to use them. This made the build quite challenging, with many iterations. Ultimately I want my clients to have control over the look and feel. They decided on where they wanted each colour and requested movement in the header. This development process allowed them to have the site exactly the way they wanted it and are very happy as a result.

You can visit the finished site here.

Note: The original request was for a very simple, bespoke, reusable theme so that we could put together cost-effective websites for the de Laar clients.

Gav’s theme has a flexible editor built with Advanced Custom Fields. The css framework is my own lightweight custom grid framework based on floats. The editor allows rows and columns as well as features such as hero images. After the initial design and build de Laar have populated the website adding images, files and text.