All about Gavin de Ste Croix

You probably aren’t here to actually learn about Gavin de Ste Croix (Gav for short); learning about Web Components or how to add comments to WordPress would be much more interesting. Nevertheless, you’ve clicked on ‘about me’ and now I shall bore you!

I’m a relatively uninteresting bloke in his 30s. I have a few kids, a wife and live in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is actually why I write my blog. I’m British and I relocated here with my Dutch wife to give our kids an exciting and diverse childhood. I was going to use this site to aid in finding freelance work but in reality it is turning into a collection of programming techniques and a place to maintain my written English, as poor as it has become.

I learn by doing and reinforce what I learn by writing it down. 75% of the time what was written here was written for me and then converted for you. It isn’t perfect but it gives me a happy feeling to know that someone has found an answer or help to their problem. Also, I love watching Analytics to see who is using my site.

Other than blogging, I freelance ‘a bit’ and write software (with JavaScript) for a large ERP company. Before this, I freelanced full-time for a while and before that I worked for a Web Agency in Devon.

I was ‘full stack’, working on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), but now identify as ‘front end’, working predominantly with JavaScript.

I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

Gavin de Ste Croix and family