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Regenerate WordPress media image sizes, programmatically

Regenerate WordPress media image sizes, programmatically

by Gav 25/02/2021

Learn how to regenerate and update WordPress media and image sizes both programmatically (without plugin), and also with a handy plugin.

Gutenberg editor width

Changing the width of the WordPress Gutenberg editor

by Gav 30/10/2019

Would you like to change the default width of the WordPress Gutenberg editor? Let me show you how to inject some admin styles to make it more comfortable.


Adding fields to the WordPress REST API

by Gav 17/04/2019

The WordPress REST API is an incredibly useful and flexible tool. Find out how to expose additional fields in this article.


Object oriented plugin skeleton for WordPress

by Gav 15/04/2019

This tutorial will show you how to build a WordPress plugin in an object oriented way and provide you with a basic skeleton for future plugin projects.


How to enqueue scripts and style sheets in WordPress

by Gav 19/10/2018

Enqueuing Script and Style sheets is bread and butter for any WordPress developer wanting to make custom templates and plugins. This quick how-to will get you started.


Adding comments to a WordPress theme template

by Gav 19/10/2018

Ever wondered how to add comments to a WordPress theme template? It is a lot easier than you might think. This guide will help you get quick results.


Removing columns from pages and post tables in WordPress

by Gav 05/02/2018

Installed Yoast (or some other plugin) and now your post columns are unmanageable? It can be really frustrating when your WordPress admin tables get cluttered, here is a great way to avoid it.