Front end developer blog featuring JavaScript and WordPress

Once upon a time in a town called Tiverton, I decided to start a blog. Gav’s Blog would be a treasure trove of web developer tutorials, tips and tricks covering a wide range of subjects such as JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, CSS and PHP. A lightbulb of inspiration, it would draw a wide range of developers from all around the globe. Helping others find answers to all kinds of programmy problems…

We all have dreams and this is one of mine. I hope you enjoy the ride…

This is the blog of Gavin de Ste Croix and here’s what I’ve got so far:

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Get the current mouse position from a JavaScript event

Get the current position of the mouse from a JavaScript event

by Gav 24/05/2020

Lets look at how to get the current clientX and clientY position of the mouse pointer from a JavaScript 'mousemove' event.

Multiple values in an Array, creating an inArray function in Javascript

Find single or array of values in JavaScript array using includes

by Gav 20/05/2020

Find out whether a JavaScript array contains single or multiple values by passing an array of values to includes() with the help of some() and every().

Find nearest number in array

Find the closest number in an array JavaScript

by Gav 12/11/2019

Would you like to match the closest number in an array using JavaScript? Find out how to achieve this using both reduce() and sort().

Get the difference JavaScript

Get the difference between 2 numbers JavaScript

by Gav 12/11/2019

Getting the difference between 2 numbers in JavaScript isn't as simple as it sounds. Let's look at 2 methods for reliably returning the difference.

debugging in sass

@Debug, @Warn and @Error: debugging in Sass

by Gav 07/11/2019

Did you know that Sass offers debugging tools to make CSS styling easier? Learn how to use @debug, @warn and @error to send debug messages to your console.

Conditional statements in Sass

@If, @Else, @Else if and @If not: Sass conditional statements

by Gav 06/11/2019

Using conditional statements in Sass and SCSS. Learn how to use @if, @else, @else if and @if not in this simple tutorial.

Web Component

Web Components tutorial: Custom Elements in JavaScript

by Gav 23/10/2019

What are web components? Learn about web components, the shadow DOM, styling and lifecycle callbacks in this JavaScript tutorial series.

Detecting Keypress JavaScript

Detect single and multiple keypress events: JavaScript

by Gav 16/10/2019

Learn how to use event listeners to detect and handle single and multiple keypress events in JavaScript. Add modifier keys to your application!

Adding Bulma to Nuxt

Adding Bulma to Nuxt.js with changeable variables

by Gav 12/04/2019

Using Bulma but don't know how to integrate it with Nuxt? I'll show you how to load Bulma into your Nuxt project with full control over variables.