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Why are you here?

If you’re here because you like my work then hire me! what are you waiting for?

If you’re here for a read then grab a coffee and enjoy the ride.

In broad terms I’m a ‘Jack of all trades’, I build my websites from the ground up. I need to know about servers, server-side programming, front-end programming and design – we call it ‘full stack’. I’ve worked in education with Moodle, at web studios with WordPress and Drupal and freelance with Vue.js.

If you stick around you will learn about all things development, from front to back, including WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.JS and PHP. You’ll read about my experiences freelancing and the problems that I face. You’ll even be able to read topics that you request yourself.

I am Gav de Ste Croix and this is my blog.

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“I can only recommend him very highly, I trust he’ll do a good job in all web development related matters!”

Nuno Ferreira Linkedin

“He is an expert troubleshooter and always finds a way to deliver what you are looking for”

Karissa Isaac Linkedin

“Gav is demonstrably capable of delivering work of a very high standard”